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Superhuman Social Skills: Review and Teasers

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In Superhuman Social Skills, blogger Tynan shares practical advice for improving your social presence and interactions. While the book is a quick and easy read, it contains an impressive number of helpful suggestions, along with examples that help the reader understand and apply the concepts.

In the first chapter, Tynan takes on the argument that altering your social behavior would somehow be inauthentic or manipulative, by reminding readers that social skills aren’t hereditary, and — just like one’s physical condition or a talent such as playing an instrument — social skills can be improved with focus and effort. Indeed, as he points out, we all change over time anyway… so why not steer the ship in a favorable direction? Tynan also doesn’t see it as manipulation to try to be one’s best, or to try to give your friends (and acquaintances you meet) exactly what they’re looking for in a conversation or friendship. I would agree.

Especially given how much the digital age, texting, and social media are affecting (or perhaps, more accurately, degrading) many of our face-to-face communication skills and social graces, this is a crucial read. And given the amount of information that’s packed into such a little ebook, it’s definitely worth the investment.


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Superhuman Social Skills

Because this is such a short read, easily accessible via kindle, I’m not going to summarize the “how to’s” Tynan shares. Instead, here are some takeaways and teasers of what you’ll find in the book:

  • Conversation is multifaceted and carried out on many channels, far beyond the information being exchanged. Learn how to read those other aspects and interact on those channels to be a better conversationalist.
  • Tell stories that highlight your personality and interests, without bragging.
  • Create openings for people to tease you.
  • Take conversational risks that endear others to you.
  • In groups, observe the level of engagement from all parties while others are speaking, to get a better sense of the subjects that interest each person.
  • Socially, it is more important to be likable than impressive.
  • Travel with friends, and with acquaintances you’d like to be friends with. The variety of shared experiences will bond you.
  • Take some time to meditate on the common traits that are shared among all your best friends, and then be on the lookout for those traits when meeting new people.

Trust me when I say, if you care at all about your social life (and you should – scientists have proven over and over that close relationships are the key to our happiness), it’s worth picking up a digital (or printed) copy of Superhuman Social Skills!

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